Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Bad things Happen to good People...

Last night I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon over again. I've read it through many times now but i figured I still have more to learn. As i was reading the 1Nephi 1:1 i found something interesting, right there in the first verse of the Book of Mormon is the answer to why bad things happen to good people!
Now Nephi was a Prophet of the lord, he is a great man and when he starts he feels to tell the reader that he experiences many sore afflictions in his days, yet he was highly favored of the lord. How Often do we feel favored of the lord when we are in the midst of trials and afflictions? I will admit there are times when i don't feel so Favored, but i have learned i am wrong in this belief. The lord give those whom he favors trials, not only because they can handle it but it is his way of preparing each of us for great blessings.
Another great way to explain this is to give you an example in real life. A potter like Christ knows how to work with his desired medium. A potter works with clay and in order to add, say, a handle to a cup the original clay must be scored.( scored=ruffed up) This is done in order to make the new attachment stay attached, with out scoring the handle would not last. Christ will also score us at times, this is not because he doesn't love us, or because we aren't highly favored but it is because he knows that in order for new blessings to stick he has to go through the necessary steps.

Next time you are in the mists of Sore afflictions remember that you are being prepared for great blessings to come. Our view is limited now but if we set our course on our Savior Jesuc Christ we will not be led astray. I know the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Jesus Christ, and that Christ loves each of you and your trials are meant to make you stronger and to prepare you for great blessings!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Did you know that? And Lessons from Church

Did you know that BLOG is an acronym? It stands for Big Load of Gossip. I laughed so hard when i first found out. Sadly it's actually pretty true most of the time but none the less, i enjoy blogging. Its like writing in a Journal for me, its a place to write my thoughts, ask questions, and share personal insight. And besides its a great way to share experiences with other people as well.
Well it's Summer Semester at BYU-Idaho already and classes start tomorrow. I have spent my spring break with close friends and family and to be honest I was sad to leave. W. is due in just a matter of days, and it felt like such a short time to be able to spend with long missed friends. C. and B. were married in the San Diego temple. I was so happy for them, they looked positively happy, i can't wait to have someone who i feel that way with. I got back to Idaho last night, it was a long drive, and i was able to get the few things i needed done before the Sabbath day. I almost forgot how expensive groceries are, but then again, i did say ALMOST. Church was so good today. Sacrament meeting was about Prayer, reverence and revelation. We are so capable of receiving so many blessings if we only take the necessary steps. Some of the things that stood out to me most were :
  • Prayer= Peace,
  • Hope= Anchor of Man,
  • If you don't ask, you don't receive- Revelation requires action
  • Receiving a Gift and Opening it are two different things, Just as Asking and
    Knocking, Knocking is the opening of the gift and it takes effort.
  • Every ONE that asketh, shall receive

Then there was Sunday School where we discussed the Law of Consecration. When the lord first issued the Law it would have worked except for one thing. There were a few members with in the United Order who suffered a thing called pride. Pride selfishness and a need to be better then someone else destroyed the lord's perfect law. Some people compare communism with the Law but they do not fully understand, because they are VERY different. The law has agency, and has a stewardship. No one can be a Free loader in the law because everyone must contribute fully in order to make it work. Although today we don't have the Law of Consecration required in its fullness we still have small things which are preparing us to live it again some day. We always make sure everyone is taken care of, just like the law, and we do it through Home and Visiting teaching, generous fast offerings and tithing, also with Service.

"If you do not like you lot in life, build a service Station"

When we serve each other we lose nothing, only gain can be brought about from service not only to those who are served but those who also serve.

We may not live that Law today but we do live a law for we are required to take care of one another. Are you serving today? Or have you not built your service station yet? Go out, serve, prepare yourself, and live your life in accordance to the Gospel of the lord. God loves you all, you are only tried to make you stronger and to prepare you for the great lessons and blessings he ask in store for you. Go out, Pray with all energy of your heart, serve to your fullest capacity, Love your fellow men, and make every trial another reason to prove to the lord, you are on his side. Choose to be Happy today.Jesus in the Christ, Families are ForEVER, and serving others is a good answer!