Friday, January 30, 2009

Coming Home...and A Challenge for You

Wow its been two years and finally some of my best friends are coming home from their missions. My mind races of thoughts of what if, and my heart is filled with emotions. I want to first off say just how incredibly proud I am of these men. T., I have known you almost as far back as i can remember. I am so glad you set the standard so high for me. I don't think you will ever quite know what you have done for me over these many years. Thank you! And A., although Prior to your leaving we didn't know each other long but I had the privilege of talking to you many nights. Although you thought i was corny and immature at times i appreciate the times we spent talking about missionary work and our families. I am so proud of you, i pray that you found strength in your distant land and that you will be able to learn for the rest of your life from this experience. Boys I can't tell you how Proud i am of you! Although i won't be home the day you return my heart is with you. And i pray that you will feel my love for each of you.

I stood back this week and learned something about myself. I am the hardest on myself. I am harder on myself then any outside person could ever be. Right now i find myself stressing myself out about things. There is no outside pressure, just me. Its like a volcano in my chest that becomes active when i worry about situations. I am working on extinguishing my pressures but still, it is harder then I thought.

This semester for my Women's Health class we had to do an emotional project. I chose to do a Gratitude Journal. Its only been a few weeks but still I've been amazed at this simple experience. Each night after i read my scriptures I write down two things i am Grateful for and explain why. I am not good at writing in a journal ( this is basically my journal) but this seems easy. Some days its harder then others to define what i am grateful for but i learned so much. I am so grateful for so many things, but most of all i can say i am grateful for my savior. For me Christ=Peace. And Peace is one thing i constantly search for. I am so blessed.

    Gratitude Jounral Challenge

  • I challenge any of you who are reading this to do just this. Get a little notebook and make yourself a Gratitude journal. At the end of each Day write 2 things you are grateful for and why. You might just be amazed at what you learn about yourself and the peace which comes from this Idea.

Monday, January 12, 2009

People Keep Telling Me...

In the past few weeks I've realised just how often people say " you going to...". Many of the people who's opinions I value have been telling me lately where they believe i am going to end up with year. Some have told me I'll be serving a mission this time next year, some tell me I'll find some lucky guy and I'm bound to be married soon. I have all these influences weighing on my mind but I've realized there is nothing i can do other then take life one day at a time. Last night was the CES broadcast and President Thomas S. Monson spoke on being prepared. One line from his talk really stuck out to me;
"When the time to make a decision is come, the time for preparation has past".
I haven't yet reached the time to decide on any of these big life decisions. But i have decided to do the best i can to prepare. I am preparing for an Eternal Marriage, so that i am the best me i can be when i meet the best man for me. I am preparing to serve a mission, preparing my mind and spirit to devote myself to the lord. I am preparing for grad school so I can continue to receive great education. So people, keep telling me what you think I will do this year, its usually very flattering, but remember all i can do right now is prepare to make the decision when the time comes. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers in my behalf. Prepare now for your day of decision making. You can not control the day it comes but you can control how prepared you are to handle it when it does.
A. Kerr

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years

So i'm sitting here in rexburg with Strep Throat and getting ready for a new year and new semester, and a great year. Wow i can't believe it's 2009 already. I am looking forward to the year ahead of me. I have a good feeling about this one. I am taking another 15 credits so its going to be fun. And my apartment is going to be fun. I'm rooming with some old friends from freshman year so its going to be fun. this year had to have been my favorite Christmas. It was a bittersweet holiday, but still somehow my favorite. The time i spent with my family this year was priceless. Christmas eve was the really Family day. My siblings and i all met at our parents home and just spent the day together and played games and made food. a wild idea i know, lol the kerrs making more food. I guess it's just something we do. Anyways my parents did something for us this year that i will never forget. My parents wrote each child a personalized letter. Reading the special words and thoughts brought tears to my eyes. I am grateful that i have this to take with me. that was the big sweet, but the sour was a death in the home ward. A young man who was only 18 died from a accidental drug and alcohol overdose. The family had a very hard time, as well as the rest of the ward. A untimely death is hard for anyone to handle. It had all been very sad, but the funeral seemed to bring peace to many people. I can only pray that the youth i was involved in this summer are making good friends and avoiding these kinds of situations.

Well that is enough of 2008, it is now 2009. Last year was a year of lessons and now i have a year of possiblities. I pray that i will be able to live my life to the best of my abilities and let the lord guide me where he wants me to go. Happy new year everyone!