Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Top Of it!

Oh man, So its been a wonderful today. I finished my last midterm last night and now I can say I'm half way done. The semesters seem to go fast, and its really hard to believe I'm a junior in college and already trying to plan out Grad School. Oh Dang. So I feel like I'm on top of the world right now. Even though I'm sitting at work doing virtually nothing, its been a wonderful day. It all started at 7 am, when i actually got out of bed on time and was determined to make today great. I got ready did hw, and was totally on top of it. I even got everything, well just about, done that i had planned.
I don't know how to explain it exactly but yeah. Its been a good day and I've been in a great mood! On Monday my Ward had a Halloween party. lol It was so much fun! Two of my friends, Michelle, Jessica, and I, all dressed up like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was Hilarious! Somehow we squeezed our 20 year old selves into 6 year old boy's consumes. It really was a lot of fun and if i do say so, it was quite a hit. Oh how fun Halloween can be.
Next Item to Discuss is my class project for Religion 264 project. To say the least I'm a little excited! What i am doing is a "Mass Scripture Marking". OK so here it is, what i am doing is taking 6-8 hrs and marking my scriptures. The current quad that I have i got when i was about 8. Its quite well marked, with things from over the years, so i went and bought a military sized Book of Mormon( about the size of a very small book) and I am going to go through the two and transfer the scriptures I marked from one to the other. I am hoping that this will help me be able to take the scriptures with me everywhere. It will be my Travel size! Its been a lot of fun so far. I am marking different subjects in different colors and adding little captions to help me find scriptures faster. Its fun to see what I've marked over the years. One of the things I've loved throughout my study of this prophetic book is that you can read a verse a hundred times and it can have a different meaning to you each time. It always says the same thing, and teaches the doctrine but how your interpret it is always specific to your need and interpretation of the spirit at that time. So If you wanna send me your Fav Book of Mormon Scripture I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
PS- I'm wearing the Halloween socks my mom sent me in a package.
(Socks make me happy:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Putting my Red High Heels on!

Well Its October and i'm 20! I can't believe i'm in my twenties. Its a little weird to admit. But none the less it feels good and I'm moving onward. Life has been moving so fast but still not much has changed. I put high Heels on for the first time in 3 months this month and its been great. I've chosen to walk talk with my red heels on.
This weekend had been quite traumatic though, one of my Best friends Morgan's roommate died on Friday in a car accident. Then yesterday MY roommate Carrie Broke her neck in a 4-wheeling accident. Carrie is doing well and has no Paralysis, but still it was shocking to find out. In the last 24-hrs i've been the hospital twice and its been interesting, She is a truly loved girl, and even though this is going to have a trail, she is extremely blessed, she easily could have been killed. So please keep her in your prayers.
Here are a few updates on me, So i turn 20 on Oct, 4th. It was a very relaxed day, it being conference weekend and all, but it was great none the less. Morgan and I got pedicures between sessions and then got all dolled up and went out to dinner. Over all is was a great Birthday. Last weekend my Mom was able to come up from California which was awesome. Sadly it ended up being the only weekend so far this semester in which it snowed. Funny how that works. So she froze but it was so great having her here.
I stopped going to Physical therapy about a week or so ago, and i can still feel things being tight but I'm trying to stay active and make it work none the less. I've been blessed to say the least. Work has been going well, I kind of was given a Promotion. I am now going to start training to do the billing and paperwork. So that's cool, and oh yeah, I got the R.A. Job for my complex for next semester. I'm trying to figure out if i should do EFY next summer or not. I think I'll apply and see what happens. It was a great Job, and i love the youth so we'll see. Dating, well my Ex Came up this weekend but i was So busy i only saw him for a few hrs. He has really grown up but there are somethings he does that makes him still seem like a teenager to me (by the way he is about 2 yrs older then I) and other then that I'm just playing hard to get for one boy, and nothing other then that. So pretty much I'm still more single then ever but I'm dealing OK with it.
I want to just stop and thank my heavenly father for a loving family I've been blessed with, Also for prayer. Especially in times of trial we tend to turn to our father in heaven but i am so grateful to have the knowledge that he is there and he understands. My savior Jesus Christ knows all i have been though and will yet experience, even though i do not know the trials to come i know that because was able to endure it, with his help so can I.
Someday I will find a husband who loves me, who doesn't make fun of me so it hurts, and who knows how to make me laugh, and most of all who makes me want to be better. Until that day i will continue working on becoming the person i want to be. Until then, God be with you till I write again.