Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Letter to You All From Angela and Her New Address

Hello everyone from the other side of the world!

Well as you have already heard I am now serving in Wales! Ah! I am serving with Sister Lau. We were both in Swinton and actually knew each other from BYU-Idaho. I am so excited for this chance to serve with her here in this area. She is a Chinese Speaking missionary and it is perfect because we are teaching a lot of Chinese students in this area. It is amazing and there is so much work to do. We live on the Island of Angelsey off the coast of Wales. The town i live in has the 2nd longest name in the world (54 characters) and is amazing! I'll have to type it out when i figure out how to spell it, and say it. (it's in welsh) We cover a university town called Bangor. We drive over a beautiful bridge every morning and i cannot put into words how beautiful it is here.

We are the furthest away from missionaries I've ever been in my mission. We live a 40 minute train ride from our District leader. Compared to having at least 2 sets of missionaries in each ward, it is a huge difference, but I am glad we get to become completely engrossed in our work. Our area covers a ward and a branch. The address to write me at and Google search is

9 LLys Marquist
Holyhead Road
Llanfair, LL 61 5TX

We have only been in the area for a few hours but i already love it. Sister Lau and I both want to be exactly obedient in all things this transfers and i think it is going to be a great blessing. In my last area my study table was a very small table on the floor of my room. Today i was able to study at a proper Study Table. Wow, the difference was amazing. Although i am sleep deprived in so many ways, today was the best study i had in months. I know that when we are diligent and study correctly we can receive the spirit more fully and have a great access to personal revelation.

Tonight we are having some members feed us and I was in charge of the lesson. I would like to share some of it with you. Isaiah 40:11 (look for the key verbs). In this simple verse about the Lord as our Shepherd there is so much we can learn and apply as members of the church. We can feed, carry, gather, and lead the sheep. Each has application to missionary work and life as a member of the church.
Feed- We are counseled to feast upon the words of Christ, upon the Words of God. We are to share the scriptures or words from the prophets with everyone. I realized the importance of using the words of God is talks, lessons, and council. If we stick to these basics we can be good under Shepherd's to the Lord
Gather- Invite! Invite others to church, activities with the ward, or even just wholesome activities in our homes. We are counseled to gather together often to strengthen and edify one another.
Carry- This is one of my favorites, as members of the church we are each given responsibility in Visiting and Home Teaching to help and care and carry those of the gospel. I know the importance of being a good VT or HT, I see what happens when people don't do their reponsiblilties to strengthen one another. Each of us has the capability to be good VT HT and fellowshipper to the missionaries to help carry the lord's sheep.
Lead- By example and through testimony. The spirit is never stronger than when ones bares pure and powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. When we do so we invite the powers of heaven as our aid. Be the example, live the gospel, love the gospel and when opportunity presents, testify of it!

I want you to know that we are each called to help the Lord in his work. We each have the chance to help His lost sheep and strengthen those already in the fold. I hope this all made sense. I just love the gospel and i love having personal time to study the blessings of the Scriptures.

I have a question for each of you that i would like some help with. Will you read Enos 1:2 and help me by telling me what you Understand "wrestling" with the Lord means? I will ponder upon it this week, and I ask that you do too!

Well I want you all to know that I love this gospel and I know it to be true. I am so excited to be serving here in the most beautiful place in the mission. I feel so blessed to be here with the companion I have. White washing an area is a little weird, because we have no idea where we are, but i am grateful we can really rely on the Lord for his help.

I love you all with all my heart, I pray for you individually! Thanks for your prayers in my behalf!

Sister Angela Kerr


Courtney and Brenden said...

I am so glad she is doing well... she looks so happy!! :)

Julie the Wiser said...

It's great to stay updated on Angela's fun adventures. Thanks for keeping us in the loop here in the AZ.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Sister. Kerr,

I'm thinking that now is a good time to begin a short 'Spiritual Autobiography'. But before I get started writing, please let me know if there is anything at all that you (or Sister. Lau, the Sparks family etc.) would like to add as a contribution.. any particular memory or event that we shared that promoted a spiritual growth and learning?

If so, please send me an e-mail, it would be a tremendous help.


Mr. Kevin J. Pople, BA (Hons) DSGN: Illus.

Wales (Cymru)
+44 (0)7814 413 061