Monday, January 12, 2009

People Keep Telling Me...

In the past few weeks I've realised just how often people say " you going to...". Many of the people who's opinions I value have been telling me lately where they believe i am going to end up with year. Some have told me I'll be serving a mission this time next year, some tell me I'll find some lucky guy and I'm bound to be married soon. I have all these influences weighing on my mind but I've realized there is nothing i can do other then take life one day at a time. Last night was the CES broadcast and President Thomas S. Monson spoke on being prepared. One line from his talk really stuck out to me;
"When the time to make a decision is come, the time for preparation has past".
I haven't yet reached the time to decide on any of these big life decisions. But i have decided to do the best i can to prepare. I am preparing for an Eternal Marriage, so that i am the best me i can be when i meet the best man for me. I am preparing to serve a mission, preparing my mind and spirit to devote myself to the lord. I am preparing for grad school so I can continue to receive great education. So people, keep telling me what you think I will do this year, its usually very flattering, but remember all i can do right now is prepare to make the decision when the time comes. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers in my behalf. Prepare now for your day of decision making. You can not control the day it comes but you can control how prepared you are to handle it when it does.
A. Kerr

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