Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Find a reason to love...

Today in my Women's Health class we were talking about relationships and things we can do to have successful ones now and in the future. Although i am not in a long term relationship in which this advice applies to i thought this would be a good thing to pass on to all of you. Find a reason to love your spouse everyday. It could be the same reason for weeks on end, or it could be that they brought you lunch that day, even closed the door so you could sleep. I challenge each of you to find something, everyday, about the person your married to, that you love. It will be harder some days apposed to others but it is possible. So today, find something you love about your spouse. Write it down, make a little tally, so when things get tough, you can say this is why I love you today. We may not always like them, but we sure love them.
  • Mom- Today I LOVE YOU because you are there to talk to me, all the time.
  • K.- Today I LOVE YOU because you let me steal your shirt and I'm wearing it today.
  • W- Today I LOVE YOU because i think you're a great mom
  • KM- I LOVE YOU today because you are able to handle conflict with calm
  • Christ- I LOVE YOU today because you forgave me once again
  • Daddy-I LOVE YOU today because i listening to the music mix you made me and it made me miss you.
  • D- I LOVE YOU today because you set a great example to me, and you're working hard at it.
  • A- I LOVE YOU today because your alarm let me sleep in :)
It doesn't have to be a big deal. The smallest things in life can end up being the most meaningful.

Go, Find something you love about the people you love today!
A. Kerr

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