Monday, March 9, 2009


Stress, we all have it, well have to deal with it, yet we ALL hate it! Stress is just stressful just to think about. These last few weeks have been filled with Large amounts of stress. My obsessive planning has caused me to stress but only because there is a lot to get done before that day can come. Anyways, updates, hmm do I even have any? Well this weekend I went to Utah to Help K and S move. K hurt her back so I was there to be here. It was fun to spend time with them and oh boy, my biceps are sore. I guess I am not in that good of shape after all.
As for Fitness i am working on Finding Coordinators. Its going to be a challenge but i'm trying very hard to get it done, ASAP. Wish my luck, or better yet, please keep me in your prayers! thanks!
Oh here is one cool thing. So I have been anti-Ipod for ever, didn't like em, didn't use 'em they were just an expensive way to listen to music. Well i gave in. I got my tax return and decided i wanted to do something for myself and I bought myself a hot Pink Ipod. Its great i can run with it, its perfect for the gym and I can even upload conference talks to it. Its so nice! No complaints there! So guess i've evolved to an Ipod girl. But its so cute! and its Pink! By the way as of late i seem to have an obsession with pink. Not a lot of it, just little pink things. I'm back to my Pink Boots days. ( for those of you who don't know that story, lets just say when i was little iwas attactched at the toe to my Pink boots.)
Anways thats all i've got to report on! remember to stay fit and healthy. March is here spring is coming!
PS- Families are FOREVER!

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