Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holiness to the Lord

I love the temple. It never stops to amaze me the feelings i get when i am there. This semester I was called to be the Ward Family History Consultant. I teach a class each Sunday for a 4 weeks. I do this rotation twice in the semester. So i teach 4 lessons to two groups of people. I am teaching the third lesson this week. When i was extended the call I was told my job was to "share my enthusiaum and exite others about family history". I was not given a lesson manuel, or any guidelines other then to educate and excite. What a Task!
So the first lesson went well, talked about why we need to do family history and that is was part of the grand plan of salvation and introduced the new family search program. Then last week i taught on faith, diligence and importance they play in doing the work. Also the importance of keeping a person history. That was a good lesson, then this week i have no idea what i am going to teach on. I have the 4th week's lesson all ready but i can't do four if i don't have three. I am thinking about doing it on the importance of prayer in helping with the work. I was reading 1 Nephi 1 5 last night and i think that would be a great chapter to prove the importance of using prayer to understand things that are hard.
Ok so the point of this whole blog, so when i as called i decided i didn't want to be a total hypocrite and i reopened all my family history work and started searching. I went through all the names and some how i was guided to a family. The Wake family. I believe i am related to them through my mom's mom. But anyway, i found a family who hadn't had any work done. I was so excited! And after two weeks i finally got to go to the temple and do some of the work for my family. It was a special feeling doing baptisms for these women. I could almost hear the thank yous. Today was a great day at the temple. I was very tired and almost didn't go but the feeling of fulfillment was very excited and fulfilling. I have a testimony of temple work, and the importance of doing our family history. We should never use the excuse that "it's already been done" Because there is always something that could be done for someone. We need to be Grateful for the chance we have to go to a temple that is less then a day's travel away.
I love the temple and i can not wait to partake of the ordnance there someday. I know that if i prepare now, i will one day be able to go there and sit with my family in white and be taught. I love my savior, and if i could see him today i would fall to my knees and say thank you, thank you.



Da Bergs said...

I love reading your posts!

Julie Avery said...

hey---email me. I don't have your email and I have a question.. :) Julie