Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey there...

Well life is still going great, I am coming Home for the 4th of July in a week and I'm so EXCITED! i miss my family so much. I told P. i was coming to watch fireworks with her and she just got so excited! I can't wait to send time with them. W told me she was moving to Boston this past week. I am so excited for her and her new experience but i am going to miss the Foate Family very much. Who knows, maybe I'll get called to Boston. Ya never know.
School is coming along well, only 5 weeks left. The papers should be going in this week, i hope. We'll see. This last weekend i was supposed to go white water Rafting, but it was too cold. Who would have thought, cold in June! But its all good, we hiked back to some Natural hot springs and had an adventure anyway. With it being fathers day yesterday I Just wanted to say how much i love my Dad and the Wonderful example he is to me.
Favorite Memories with Dad
1. Eagles Concert. Mom was supposed to go but was in Utah so dad asked me to be his date. It was so much fun! I was his date for the night, we went to Bj's and the concert and got milkshakes afterwards, Thanks again! -Mom i owe you
2. Singing in the rain- K and Mom went to Utah and Dad and i were driving home from the Airport and it was Pouring rain! The traffic was at a stand still and we were just listening to oldies on the radio. Well a song came on that we both knew and simultaneously we both started singing. We did it for like an hour and it was so much fun! This may be my favorite memory of all!
3. My first Date! Yes, my first date when i was 16 was with my dad. We went to dinner and he taught me how a boy should treat me. Thanks dad for setting the standard so high!
4. Knight in shinning armor. My dad was always there to rescue me! I can remember countless times where he would come and cheer me up after a bad "boy" day. He will always been my number one man! thanks Daddy!
5. Catalina Island! When i was in 5 and 6th grade my dad went with me to Catalina. It was so much fun having him there! I
Dad thanks for being such a wonderful example to me! I know i am growing up but i will always be daddy's little girl! I LOVE YOU DAD!
A. Kerr

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