Monday, June 1, 2009


This weekend a few of my roommates and I decided we wanted to go to Yellowstone Nation Park, and so we did. We left in the morning and drove the hour and 45 minute drive to see good Old Faithful erupt. And what can i say? It sure was erupting. The earth Truly amazes me! Over all it was a wonderful weekend. I am glad i have so many wonderful adventures so close at hand.
Me and H. in the Lodge StoreMe in front of Old Faithful,We made it just in time!
Me walking to the Hot pools, they were so pretty! Amazing Colors!
This is one of my Favorites! I love Trees!

Thanks for the great time this weekend guys! It was a blast! Literally! oh yeah did you know there are BUFFALO?!
A. Kerr

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Alex P. Leith said...

Haha... I definitely need to make the drive out there now...