Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well the time has come for me to leave BYU-Idaho for a few years and go on a Mission. I do realise I will coming back again in a couple years but It will have changed so much by then. I want to start off my saying how grateful i am for the chance i have had to here. This is a University of higher spiritual and temporal learning. When i first applied for college 4 years ago i never thought this would be my destination but now as i look back i wouldn't have it any other way. I have met great people, I have learned, and i have experienced many great things. This great place has helped prepare me for so many things.

There is something here called the "spirit of Ricks" it is hard to explain but it is a real feeling. BYU-Idaho has a special spirit on campus that you feel just by walking onto it. I wish i could thank all those people i have met so far for the lessons they have taught me and the experiences they have blessed me with. I have been so blessed to find friends here. When i came to BYU-Idaho i knew no one! Literally. And now i leave with friends whom i will have for my whole life. Thank you Morgan for being my best friend, college wouldn't have been the same with out you.

Well i wrap this up but i want to let you all know this is a University of higher learning, bother spiritually and literally. Thank you BYU-Idaho! I'll see you in a few years!



Farryn said...

You are going to have a great mission... and BYUI will be waiting for you and happy to see you return!

laurel said...

Hi! I was searching for the 2011 catalog at BYUI, and somehow this blog came up. I'm also going on a mission and will be returning to Rexburg in March 2011. Maybe I'll see you there! Good luck on your mission.