Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You are amazing but...

Well i got the line again. You are amazing but.... The line never fails its just the follow up that differs. I have had so many men tell me " you are so amazing (pause) But...." Yeah, sure i believe them but i can't help but think the guy who changes the " you are amazing... Pause.... AND..." is going to be one lucky guy! But seriously!
Well although when i get that line i usually end up in tears tonight was different. I feel more peaceful then i have in more than a week. It has been eating me up inside and i feel so calm it is WONDERFUL! I cared for this person yes, i always do before i get the line but this time, it was the closure and line i needed. I just realised that it really isn't the right time, i can say i tried and i will never have to regret it. I am a whole hearted person i don't do anything half way and i care for people the same. I don't regret the care i had and i still have genuine concern for this person but i know that i don't regret anything
My advice to anyone- Live life whole hearted, don't live with any regrets. Know your standards and live up to them. Yes. it is true sometimes you will get hurt- but in the long run i know when things to work out the feelings you will have then will be far greater than any pain you've felt. I don;t know how or when things will work out but i know it WILL. When the time is right.
I know now more than ever I am needed to serve my mission. Tonight was the icing on the cake i needed to help me focus will all my soul on the task i have before me.
I know that my Savior Jesus Christ lives and that he Truly knows me by name. I know he died for me, and that because of him i can, through repentance, literally be saved and have a chance to receive salvation. I know that Joseph Smith saw god and his son Jesus Christ. Prayers are answered and heavenly father is aware of our struggles. I am so grateful for a living prophet on the earth today. i know that if i follow his counsel i will be protected and never be led astray. I am so excited to serve in the England Manchester mission. I dont know what to expect but i know it will be hard. I plan on putting my whole heart into it and returning with the mind that i did all i could to preach the gospel of my beloved Savior. I pray he will give me strength and guidance. I am a daughter of God. The temple is the place to be and i am grateful for peace. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
A. Kerr

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Kari Lynn said...

You are amazing AND I love you! Angela, my dear cousin! I know what this feels like more than anyone. You are amazing and are so right about the timing and being able to focus whole-heartedly now on the upcoming mission ahead of you--A new adventure--New lessons--New strengths developed--A more solid testimony of this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. <3 KLK