Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A summer of lessons and now a year of possiblities.

August Rush. No, I'm not talking about the movie. I mean August, the month that feels like a Rush. I just got home a few days ago from one of the best experiences of my life and I feel that I am being thrown into this August Rush as i press forward and get ready for school again. Alright, Alright, I'm excited for school, you've got me there, but it seems like it so close. If there is any month of the summer that goes by fastest it would be this month. You've got to get school supplies, make plans, set schedules, say good-byes, and who knows what else.
In about a week I'll be at Disneyland for the big EFY counselor Trip, then with in a few days I'll be off to Idaho for school again. I've been trying to finalize all my travel plans and how exactly i am going to afford everything but i guess this is just one more thing I'm going to have to be patient about. Go figure.
As a quick update, the last two weeks of my life have been amazing! I had my challenging moments but I found that it has strengthened me and solidified my love and testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ even more. I have had 14 14 year old boys fall in love with me, i had 20 girls become my friend and i learned so much. Did you know that in the Bible Dictionary there is such a thing as the "Harmony's of the Gospel"? I didn't. Apparently its every story of Christ, and there is SO much to learn! I learned from the youth, and found strength in them. I miss all my youth so much but i know if we all continue to live righteously then we will not falter but live onward and see each other again.
Now back to life. I seemed to miss out on what was happening in the world this summer, and i can't say i missed it. I found life beyond the media and news and it was a place of peace I'd rather not forget. I learned so much this summer and I've grown more then ever thought possible.
This next year will truly be a year of possibilities. I could possibly find someone to marry, possibly be applying to graduates school, and possibly turning in my papers to serve a mission, but none the less, i will continue to live according to the lords will.
Someone said to me this summer when you ask for direction don't ask God where you should be going, tell him what you have planned and ask if it be right that it may be accomplished and if not that if may be impossible.
Luke 1:37- "For with god Nothing (Righteous) is impossible"
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which Strengthen Me"
I will now take the lessons I've learned and press forward through my August Rush, and be steadfast and immovable in my year of possibilities! I can truly do all things through Christ which Strengthen me!

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