Friday, December 5, 2008

A Troubled Mind

I find that my mind is troubled today. I'm sitting in the computer lab between classes and was going to work on an Exam when i decided writing everything out might be a bit more beneficial. Life is so good, but some how i feel myself wanting to take a vacation from it all. That or have my life map laid out in front of me so i could understand it all a little better. At the end of every semester I find that an apartment fill of girls hits the roof. There is always something said or done that offends one person or the other and when clean checks come around it can be a high stress or contentious situation. I am so grateful for the calming power of prayer. I really REALLY am! I am not the perfect pray-er but at the same time i know how to utilize the privilege. IF there is one thing i truly don't like it is the feeling contention with in my heart. I was praying so hard the other day to not feel upset about some measly things. All my responses to life are my own choice. I may not have control over my circumstances or the actions of others but i will always have the power as to how i choose to deal with them! I guess i should be running to class and try to silently confront this troubled mind of mine. Life is what we make it, are we going to take chances, or watch them be taken? Are we going to be the cause of a problem or the solution? Life, its our choice, how do you plan on living it?
A. Kerr

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