Monday, December 1, 2008

Unexpected Holiday!

So this year Thanksgiving break had a mind of its own. My plans had me heading home for a family filled holiday. I was so excited to see my family, both immediate and distant i couldn't stand it. But like i said the holiday break has its own mind and chose otherwise for me. I had a great few days in Provo with a special someone and a beloved sister and Sunday night the news came. My ride had some family thing to deal with and would no longer be heading to California as previously planned. I was sad, yes, and even shed a few tears but none the less it all turned out well. I was able to spend some extra time with my special someone and even more time with my sister and her husband. We played board games, we went to craft stores, almost made a blanket, i even played at a few parks.Truthfully the week was different and there wasn't Pumpkin pie on thanksgiving but it was so good and turned out well. And for those of you who are reading this, no I'm not engaged and i don't have a boyfriend but I'm talking to someone whom i care for very much. We are both taking it slow and one day at a time. So don't ask, no need to worry, no marriage for me, for a LONG time!
It was so much fun on Wed. Allison Bockholt and Lizzy Brambila and I got together and did some holiday cooking, it amazed us how long we'd known each other. I'll be honest the Pies we made were delicious!! # yummy Apple Pies and several house of laughter later, it was a great day! Well everyone who i spent time with thanks for the great time, Happy Holidays! ( Pictures coming soon)

  • Utah Dec. 12
    Home Dec. 15
  • Christmas Dec 25!
I can't wait to spend time with my family again! We will see what the next few weeks brings. There is so much potential!

Quotes of the Blog

"life is only awkward if you make it that way"-Dan Garner
"Christ can calms the waves, but sometimes he just calms the sailor"-Sacrament Speaker



Kari Lynn said...

We missed having you during Thanksgiving! Glad it was still a good one for you!

da Bergs said...

Oh, look at you cute guys with your pies!!! I wish I could make a good crust!