Sunday, July 20, 2008

"I love You"

Three very Powerful words. I always understood their power but now more then ever. Its not because I've told someone, but because someone told me. I've been reflecting a lot on the matter lately, even prior to the event. I said " i love 'ya" all the time. But suddenly i find myself wanted to use the word more sparingly. I can say i love my family, and many of my close friends. But to a "man" I've never said those three big words. I have had opportunity to say it to someone, but never have. A flirt, would be a good way to describe me most days. Very friendly, yes, but Someone said something to me a few weeks ago. "Make sure you let the guy you like feel special, and not just another guy your flirting with". That phrase really stuck with me. Am i making my someone special feel special? I don't even have a certain special someone right now, but I'm just thinking.
I need to be careful, make the words and the actions mean so much more. Kisses are special, I've always felt that way, words are special, and not my intentional flirting should be also. I can still be friendly, but i need to be careful to not let friendly turn into flirty too much. When I said "I love you" I want him to know I mean it! Hopefully I'll only have to say it to one man. Life is interesting when you stand back for 5 min and watch from a distance. Someone said there are three types of people in our lives, Leaves, branches, and roots. Leaves will come and go with the seasons in our lives, Branches are good friends who we trust until we put ourselves on them and they leave us high and dry, unable to give support. And final we have few roots, who are those people who will come into our lives and who will always be there to keep us standing, lifting us up and who keep us growing.
Roots are few are far between, but someone day i will have a new root, i just need to be patient for that time, Let it grow. "I love you" Three words with more meaning then even thought possible.

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