Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to Work Again, and i'm happy about it!

So its back to work for me! I went to the doctor on Friday and he gave me the big OK to go back to work as an EFY counselor! I can't even express how excited I am. Being a counselor this summer ) prior to the big break) has been the most amazing experience. I remember going to EFY as a kid and i loved every minute of it. Cute boys, awesome people, spiritual experiece, that seemed to sum it up. But no as an Adult going it seems so much more. Yes there is are cute men ( counselors of course) and there are awesome people, and great spiritual experiences, yes, but one of the things i love the most is the feeling I get being with the youth of the church. I have had the chance to work with 30 girls so far and i'll get to personally work with 20 or so more. I can't wait for this new experience! Getting the chance to watch the youth grow in the gospel is awe insipring. On monday they come many not knowing anyone and by friday they cry because they are leaving life long friends.
Getting to watch a bunch of teenagers draw closer to Christ is amazing. Youth come from all walks of life and face many different challenges but at EFY they get the chance to leave it all behind for a week and focus on the spirit. I love the spirit i feel being sumersied for weeks at a time with these great kids! I find myself after testimony meeting pleading with my father in heaven that they will be protected and they they won't forget what they felt. I've seen kids literally change in a weeks time. It was amazing, and it will be even more amazing. I know, this will be a summer i'll never forget!
We'll see where these next few weeks bring me. After this I go to Disneyland for the counselor trip, then back to school a few weeks later! Hopefully i can walk by then!!

This is cannot be Hid. Week 3A! My 16-18 year olds! Wise beyond their years!
Jen and I. We were Co-Counselors week 3A. We had way too much fun, and we got paid for it!

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