Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've fallen and I Can't get up...

June 21, 2008 was an adventure I personally will never forget! I had gone to Moab on a last Minute camping trip with friend of mine from EFY. It was a crazy week, i went repelling, canyoning, it was amazing! Well the last activity of the trip was to take a hike up to some waterfalls called "Left Hand" and go cliff jumping into the water. My friend i was sitting with had left me to take some pictures and as i was sitting alone i thought to myself " I've done all this crazy stuff, if i don't do this simple jump, I'll regret it." So I went up and some guy said "go ahead sweet heart" and I jumped. It was about a 20+ foot fall and about half way down i started to scream. It was all fun until i hit the water, and a sand bar quickly thereafter. One leg hit fine, then my right leg hit and something wasn't right. I came up out of the water and couldn't move my foot. I swam to the side, and crawled to the edge. Looking up to my friend I said " something isn't right, I can't move my leg". Soon two nurses and an EMT from our camping group were there to help. Even they knew something was wrong. They wrapped me up and put some Ice on it and then three handsome strong men alternated carrying me out of the mile and 1/2 trail. I was in good spirits and wasn't in much pain.

Finally we reached the hospital and i quickly learned that my leg was broken. I broke both the Fibula and Tibia just above my ankle. My parents dropped everything in California and drove to Moab to pick me up. I was very well taken care of by my new friends, but now i went home to get surgery. I now have 9 screws and a metal plate in my leg.

The ordeal has been rough but i know this is an answer to prayers in a way. I'd been praying for a way to be more submissive and willing to ask for help, and I got it. For the first few days I couldn't do much by myself. I have been so blessed I can't even express my gratitude. This experience has been challenging and even I, a positive person has had a hard time, but i know things happen for a reason. I have a long recovery ahead of me, but I know through my savior and lord, anything is possible!

This is hard, this will not be easy, but it will make me stronger.

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